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Meet the Mr. Fish Family

Famous for his ability to find high quality seafood, long-time local Myrtle Beach fisherman Ted Hammerman started in the Murrells Inlet fishing scene and quickly grew a booming fish market and restaurant with his daughter Sheina Hammerman.

Ted Hammerman

The story of Mr. Fish starts with Ted Hammerman whose history of success was influenced by his entrepreneurial family and continued by his business savvy daughter, Sheina Hammerman. Ted lived in a number of cities including Fort Jackson after being drafted, spent many years in construction even owning his own construction business, and obtained his Bachelors of Arts in English and Theater from the University of South Carolina before moving back to Myrtle Beach where he set up shop in Murrells Inlet building doors for fishing nets and started a career as an inventive fisherman that would go on to build and sell fishing gear and fish wholesale to larger companies.

Sheina Hammerman

Sheina Hammerman attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales University’s culinary program and, upon graduating, with her father found the perfect space to start Sheina’s event catering business and would include the Mr. Fish seafood restaurant. They soon expanded into the Mr Fish seafood market next door and the popularity grew significantly warranting another expansion only four years later! Today, the Mr. Fish seafood restaurant and Mr. Fish seafood market are popular among locals and tourists as their favorite spots to enjoy delicious food and pick up fresh, local seafood in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

A Myrtle Beach Family Restaurant Legacy

Ted Hammerman’s entrepreneurial minded family and his fascination with designing and improving fishing gear helped build his impressive reputation as a legendary fisherman and businessman. Willing to explore different interests and take calculated risks, Ted found himself on a path as a creative, determined fisherman and entrepreneur. His daughter, Sheina Hammerman, waitressed in the first Mr. Fish restaurant at just 14 years old. Later, she graduated from the highly respected Culinary Arts Program at Johnson & Wales before she joined her father opening up another Mr. Fish restaurant that expanded into the popular Mr. Fish seafood restaurant and Mr. Fish seafood market that continues to grow in Myrtle Beach today!


Love fresh, local seafood?
Pick up your favorite at our market or Dine In!

We have a wider selection of fresh whole fish, filet fish, fresh shellfish, selection of seasonings, homemade sauces, seafood breaders, and homemade soups! And that is just the start!

You look...we cook! 

Just a few items we sell consistently at the Seafood Market...









Sea Scallops


Live Lobsters

*Homemade Crab Cakes, House Smoked Fishes, Sauces, Dips & Desserts!

*Various frozen items available like Smelts, Smoked Salmon, Calamari, Bacalao, Alligator Sausage, Snow Crab Legs

*Seasonal items: Soft Shell Crabs, Hard Shell Blue Crabs, Trigger Fish, Hog Snapper, Parrot Fish, King Klip, Swordfish, SC Fresh Shrimp, etc!

We have indoor and outdoor seating. Mr. Fish is doggy friendly, a complementary doggy water bowl will be provided. We can accommodate our customers furry fishy friends!